Belgian Open 2022

The first Belgian X-points Open 2022 will be held at Genk, Belgium
Date: 1 Okt 2022
Start: 11:00
End: 20:00
6 Rounds of Swiss

The location is a nice pub in the center of Genk, and this pub has lots of fine Belgian beers of course
Dieplaan 23
3600 Genk
Belgium (Genk is located close to the Dutch and German borders)

Fee: €20
Included in the fee is a nice lunch and some cool prizes
You can pay the fee in advance or at the location
You can register by email:
(Only 40 spots available for this tournament, so dont wait too long before registering)
Please also create an account on (you can google this)
We will use this platform to arrange the matchups on the day of the tournament
In this app you can find the Belgian Open under the Events section, please also register there

There is also an option to have dinner, for an extra €17
Here are the 6 dishes you can choose from (Dishes need to be chosen in advance)
1. Meatloaf with a cherrysauce and croquettes
2. Turkey Roast with wokvegetables and mashed potato
3. Chickenfilet with mushroomsauce, fries and a salade
4. Meatballs with gratin and salade
5. Traditional Belgian stew (made from Belgian beer) with fries and salade
6. (VEGGIE) Pasta with ricotta, mushrooms and miscellaneous vegetables
Dinner will be served after round 6

More info about the location:
Across the street from the pub “Trefpunt” there is a Q-parking where you can park your car for affordable prices.
If you want to park for free you can do so at the start of “Europalaan”, next to the park. Or at “Zonneweeldelaan”.
Both spots are about 5-10min walkingdistance
There is also a bit of nightlife in Genk, so for the guys who want to hit the town, I can be your guide at show you some spots

Thank you and see you soon!

Jorgo & Loekie