X-point Old School is a different take on regular Magic the Gathering 93/94 Old School.
By assigning points to certain (powerful) cards we hope to create a healthy, balanced and diverse metagame so that everyone, from budget players to OS veterans, can enjoy the thrills of Old School Magic.
Cards that are eligible for pointing are cards that grant mana acceleration, card advantage or have a major impact on the game without significant drawbacks (like e.g. casting cost, loss of life or ability to be answered).

We currently use Atlantic 93/94 Magic rules and allow for a broad reprint policy (same art, same frame) in order to make it accessible for all players.

This format is being monitored by the Think Tank.
Format-guiding decisions are primarily based on the statistics (card performance and metagame-analysis) we collect from every tournament. We also get input from our Player Panel and everyone in the community can also give his view on the points.
The points list will be reviewed and finalized every three months.

All restricted and a couple of non-restricted cards have an ongoing survey where community members can vote on the pointing of these cards. You can find the survey and also discuss the cards and pointing here: https://forms.gle/cphXV5XdGkAZjw7o6

Please share your thoughts and ideas about this format.
We appreciate and welcome your input!