Online Monthlies

Every month we host an online tournament, starting on the 15th of that month.
In order to be able to play you should register on Tolaria and attend the event.
You can find Tolaria here:

Playing in our online monthly events is free.
We usually have around 50-60 players divided in 8 pods, where you play 5 or 6 group matches.
The #1 and #2 of each group proceed to the playoffs (Top 16).
The playoffs will start on the 6th of the month after, so you have like 3 weeks to finish your group matches. The playoffs are expected to be finished within 2 weeks.

The results from our tournaments are also listed on TC Decks:

Tournament information

  • Start of tournament: 15th of each month
  • In the group stage, Top 16 and Top 8 we try to pair players based on geographical location, so let us know in the Tolaria group chat for this event if you want to be paired based on a EURO, MIXED or USA preference
  • To smoothen scheduling for everyone, update your availability and social handles in Tolaria
  • Please record your matches, for this you can use our own Whereby room. Contact us when you have recorded an exciting match so that it can be edited for everyone’s enjoyment

Group stage:

  • Die-roll to determine who is on the play in the group stage
  • Unfinished matches will be set to inactive
  • #1 and #2 will proceed to the playoffs (Top 16)

Playoffs (Top 16):

  • Playoffs are to be finished before the start of the next tournament
  • Higher seed gets to choose who is on the play
  • Seeding order will be published on FB and Discord


  • Rules, legal sets, reprint policy & points:
  • Matches are best of 3 and have no time limit
  • Draws are not allowed, so play until there is a winner
  • Online Play Guidelines apply (see below)
  • Most important rule: Don’t be a dick!

Decklist & -pic:

  • Decklists are mandatory and are to be uploaded to Tolaria before you play your first match
  • Deckpics are much appreciated and will be posted on our Facebook group and used determine the Spice Prize winner

Online Play Guidelines:

  • Make sure to fully randomize/shuffle your deck, and offer at least 3 piles as a cut
  • Shuffling, cutting and sideboarding should be done on cam. Preferably, your hand is show on cam all the time
  • Ideally the opponent can see the full Chaos Orb/Falling Star flip, so that there is no confusion as to whether it made a full rotation or not
  • Show with a dice or announce how many cards are in hand or better, use the Tolaria built-in hand size counter
  • Watching other matches is fun, but don’t watch matches of people you still will have to play against