Lobstercon 2023

This is a community-organized Magic: The Gathering weekend in Greater Boston, featuring main events for the Old School 93/94 and Premodern formats. Since 2018, LOBSTERCON has been New England Old School’s marquee event, continuing as an annual charity fundraiser for Room to Grow, a non-profit organization based in Boston.

An entry fee of $80 for all players will cover registration in any and all of the weekend’s events: the Premodern MAIN EVENT (Friday, June 2), the Old School MAIN EVENT (Saturday, June 3), the X-Point Old School SIDE EVENT (Friday, June 2), and the Premodern SIDE EVENT (Saturday, June 3). All events will take place under the same roof, with a cash bar on-site and easy access to a wide range of carry-in food options in Cambridge.

All info can be found on their website: https://sentineloldschoolmtg.com/2023/02/05/lobstercon-2023-info-and-registration/?fbclid=IwAR3ygmWhA-R2z4ZEZFc-F7-eOFOh70cr_lIpVpPhiz5fli4_0cUtm4PKx4A