Juriaan’s X-point journey continues (2022)

Another year gone by and still on track for the X points journey. Sadly i did miss one monthly due to my holiday.
Below my deck brews for this past year.

XptOS #12: Quest for the Rainbow Vale

Green warded Leprechaun walking through the Maze of Ith, finding a Safe Haven while stumbling through the Wild Growth, past the Sylvan Library, drinking from the Fountain of Youth, and finally trough the Untamed Wilds to find the Rainbow Vale…what else is there to say:)

XptOS #13: Incarnatron Control

Another Incarnatron brew. To watch it lose on the stream of Barelars89, Follow the
link bellow:

XptOS WC 2022: U-Art

This was matches up against some really Spiked decks, went 0-2 every match but the last. Had my hopes up for the final match to get a first and only win, but got the BYE:(

XptOS #14: Green Balance

The plan: Cast Balance while sacking lands to the Dark Heart of the Woods, then land Tax to mana faster than your opponent, cast Regrowth, to cast Balance again. Then use the Feldon’s Cane to do it twice more. Got to three Balances in one game:)

XptOS Dutch Open 2022: Bloody Eels by Moonlight

Its Aggressive, its Deadly, i died to myself most games:) But great times at the Xpoints Dutch Open, definitely going again this year.

XptOS #15 A Clockwork Orange

The plan was simple, Control the game, drop a Armageddon Clock, use Cop: Artifacts to win.
Had to go with more of the kill condition. But when it worked it was a blast.

XptOS #16: Green Skull/ Black Skull

Lots of Enchantments and Skull of Orms. Great fun games. Most notable was needing to kill three Erhnam Djinns before I could attack with The Wretched with Lure to steal a Shivan Dragon and a Kird Ape. ( He could not block the Wretched as long as it had Forest walk:) Got it on video, and maybe one day it will be online.

XptOS #17: Songs of Sages of Epityr

This is one of my personal favourites and
won me my third Wild Growth:)

XptOS #19: OrcishMill

This was a blast, and did well. Loved playing this and there is a video of one of the matches as well. If your interested the link is:
This one won me a Spice price Wild Growth to complete the playset:)

XptOS #20: Nether’s Distress

I really like this concept, but didn’t get it to work yet, will definitely make a future build based on this. Got some ideas about that.

XptOS Belgian Open 2022: Dromen zijn bedrog

This was fun when it went off, thank you @ Jorgo and Rob for the borrowed cards.
Glad to see my altered Balance for the winner go to Jorgo completing his playset of won Balances as well:)

XptOS #21: U-Art

Back to the U-Art deck, this time with the newly acquired Mana Vaults and Copy Artifacts. This been really fun to play, and i used an upgraded version in the Uthden Troll Cup IV which did pretty good as well.

XptOS #22: Nether’s Spice Price Enchantress Brew

I made myself a promise to make a Enchantress deck if i ever finished winning a playset of spice price Wild Growths. Well, here it is. It’s a shame it lost every game 0-2 lol

XptOS #23: Nether’s Wrath

This deck won two games and lost the last three. It looked pretty good on paper though, maybe it needs the swords I don’t know. Perhaps i revisit this kind of deck again sometime in the future.

That concludes the decks from past year.

Besides brewing and playing my decks, i also had the pleasure to altering the Balances for the winner of the xpoints monthly winners.
Here is a glimpse of what that looks like from my perspective:)

Thanks again for the Xpoints crew who made this format what it is, and the same goes for all the players who participated each month, its proven a wonderful community. Lets make it another wonderful year of Magic.

Greets Nethershadow (Juriaan Feberwee)

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